I’m a Founder

I’ve launched three companies and I have every intention of doing it again. Here’s a look at my past projects…



“Schedule your social media posts quickly and easily from any mobile device.”


In 2014 our team built Timeagram into the world’s first app that enabled Instagram users to schedule their posts. We also allowed users to schedule posts to their Facebook Pages and to Twitter.

A few Facebook posts later we had thousands of users all over the world and we literally had to shut the whole thing down. At first we we couldn’t afford the infrastructure necessary to sustain the volume of sign ups we had, so we started pitching investors.

The Venture Capitalists we spoke to said our business wouldn’t scale, given the infrastructural requirements. We tried bootstrapping Timeagram but my partner and I could only apply for so many credit cards before we started getting denied.

We managed to onboard users about a dozen at a time. We had a waiting list of more than ten thousand people who wanted to use Timeagram but the up front cost of letting that many people use our free service would have put us out of business in a day or two.

It was an odd predicament. Demand was high and supply was low. But unfortunately, growth was expensive… and our team grew impatient. We closed the curtains on Timeagram in late 2015.


“The fashion social network.”


In 2015 I CoFounded FashionTap, a social network for fashion industry peeps that doubles as a fun mobile marketplace for fashion lovers. The user posts photos the same way they do on Instagram, but instead of tagging the people in the photo the user tags the clothes they are wearing. Then, their followers can tap the items in the photo and buy them in-app.

This wasn’t easy to build and our team did an incredible job designing the app. I served as COO at FashionTap for 18 months before moving on in late 2016.

During my time as COO we grew to 60,000 users, generated more than $150,000 of sales in our marketplace and grew monthly revenues to more than $40,000. I have fond memories of my time at FashionTap and I’m grateful for the experience.

Check us out: www.fashiontap.com


“Premium made in LA streetwear at unreal prices.”


I learned a thing or two about fashion, e-commerce and marketing during my post at FashionTap. I saw a gap in the market for fashion-forward, premium knits at prices you only find in H&M.

Leveraging the Los Angeles fashion infrastructure, our team at Stalk has partnered with local service providers to vertically integrate them into our operation. This means we can sell Pima and washed, combed cotton tees in trendy custom fits to online customers at a $20 price point compared to a high end or designer brand that’s pushing the same product for north of $60.

We also offer fully-custom white labeled products for influencers with 100k followers or more. If an influencer wishes to launch their own clothing line or product, we are their one-stop shop. We’ll even build the online store for them.

We only sell online, we utilize net zero-cost social campaigns to get our products and our message out there and we offer “best on earth” customer service. Our margins are uber thin but we know that this is the future. We’re in this for the long haul.

Check us out: www.stalk.la