Business Consulting

I will work with you and/or your team to brainstorm pressing issues and major objectives, to optimize internal processes and to make breakthroughs possible.

Email me to get started.

Does your startup need advice from someone who’s been there before?

I know when I was in my early 20s and “in the trenches”, I relied on advice from seasoned entrepreneurs who understood the dilemmas I faced, who had lived through the consequences of tough decisions many times over.

Often times a conversation with a veteran businessperson can be life changing. My life has benefitted tremendously thanks to the counsel of my early mentors. Doubts can be erased, mistakes can be avoided and brilliance can be cultivated.

I will almost never charge the business for this type of consultation. Coffee or lunch will suffice. I’m not interested in gouging young teams of founders for an hour or so of my time.


There is no stopwatch ticking when we speak and if I have to split before we solve problems, I’ll give you my number. Need anything else? Just call me. Simple as that.

On rare occasion, consultations will necessitate a significant time investment. In these cases I will charge an amount that we agree upon up-front. Pending my availability, I’m also open to taking a hands-on approach to execute on next steps.

If you’re interested in receiving a consultation, shoot me an email.