Online Services

Video Call Consultation (One Hour)

[$50 USD]

Using Facetime or Skype, I can answer any questions you have about nutrition, fitness, performance, goal setting, psychology or anything else relating to fitness and wellness.

Personalized Online Coaching – Includes diet+training plan

[$250 USD per month]

I’ll work with you one on one to design your training and nutrition programs. Then you do the work. We’ll communicate via email and phone as much or as little as you need. My commitment to each client is that I will care as much about your results as you do.

 Package includes:

  • Initial consultation and goal setting
  • Custom, personalized diet plan
  • Custom, personalized training program
  • Daily email and phone support
  • Weekly call for accountability, strategy and goal setting
  • Routine updates to diet plan and training program
  • Final Consultation